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Merry Christmas is celebrated every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated around the world with decorative trees and well-lit streets.
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Merry Christmas free hd wallpapers
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Merry Christmas free hd wallpapers
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Merry Christmas free hd wallpapers
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Wish you a Merry Christmas 2019!!

As the year 2019 is coming to end, it’s time for Christmas Celebration, the day the Holy Jesus took birth in Jerusalem.
Christmas is an annual cultural festival observed among billions of people across the world. It is basically a feast related to Christian liturgical year.

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It succeeds the previous twelve days fast and that fast ends with this feast. Christmas forms an integral part of the holiday season.
Everyone rejoices in this season and wish each other “Merry Christmas 2019”. Digging into the history you cannot really find the exact date of birth of Jesus but the western Christian Church had placed Christmas on 25th December and it was later adopted in the east.

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Hurrying past all the other houses, he soon reached the end of the street and went straight up to the window from which the light was streaming. It was a poor, little, low house, but the child cared not for that. The light seemed still to call him in. From what do you suppose the light came? Nothing but a tallow candle, which had been placed in an old cup with a broken handle, in the window, as a glad token of Christmas Eve.

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There was neither curtain nor shade to the small, square window and as the little child looked in he saw standing upon a neat wooden table a branch of a Christmas tree. The room was plainly furnished but it was very clean. Near the fireplace sat a lovely faced mother with a little two-year-old on her knee and an older child beside her.
The two children were looking into their mother’s face and listening to a story. She must have been telling them a Christmas story, I think. A few bright coals were burning in the fireplace, and all seemed light and warm within.
The little wanderer crept closer and closer to the windowpane. So sweet was the mother’s face, so loving seemed the little children, that at last he took courage and tapped gently, very gently on the door. The mother stopped talking, the little children looked up. “What was that, mother?” asked the little girl at her side.

Merry Christmas images

“I think it was some one tapping on the door,” replied the mother. “Run as quickly as you can and open it, dear, for it is a bitter cold night to keep any one waiting in this storm.” “Oh, mother, I think it was the bough of the tree tapping against the window-pane,” said the little girl. “Do please go on with our story.

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” Again the little wanderer tapped upon the door. “My child, my child,” exclaimed the mother, rising, “that certainly was a rap on the door. Run quickly and open it. No one must be left out in the cold on our beautiful Christmas Eve.”

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The child ran to the door and threw it wide open. The mother saw the ragged stranger standing without, cold and shivering, with bare head and almost bare feet. She held out both hands and drew him into the warm, bright room. “You poor, dear child,” was all she said, and putting her arms around him, she drew him close to her breast. “He is very cold, my children,” she exclaimed. “We must warm him.” “And,” added the little girl, “we must love him and give him some of our Christmas, too.” “Yes,” said the mother, “but first let us warm him.”

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The mother sat down by the fire with the little child on her lap, and her own little ones warmed his half-frozen hands in theirs. The mother smoothed his tangled curls, and, bending low over his head, kissed the child’s face. She gathered the three little ones in her arms and the candle and the firelight shone over them. For a moment the room was very still.
By and by the little girl said softly, to her mother, “May we not light the Christmas tree, and let him see how beautiful it looks?” “Yes,” said the mother. With that she seated the child on a low stool beside the fire, and went herself to fetch the few simple ornaments, which from year to year she had saved for her children’s Christmas tree.

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They were soon so busy that they did not notice the room had filled with a strange and brilliant light. They turned and looked at the spot where the little wanderer sat. His ragged clothes had changed to garments white and beautiful; his tangled curls seemed like a halo of golden light about his head; but most glorious of all was his face, which shone with a light so dazzling that they could scarcely look upon it.

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In silent wonder they gazed at the child. Their little room seemed to grow larger and larger, until it was as wide as the whole world, the roof of their low house seemed to expand and rise, until it reached to the sky.
With a sweet and gentle smile the wonderful child looked upon them for a moment, and then slowly rose and floated through the air, above the treetops, beyond the church spire, higher even than the clouds themselves, until he appeared to them to be a shining star in the sky above.

I instantly knew that I was not prepared for her answer. She said that Santa had loved his wife and son very much — he was a devoted husband and father. Several years ago, he came home from work in early December to find them both gone — their lives snuffed out by an intruder. He hasn’t been the same since. There is no twinkle in his eyes. And he can’t bear to hold little children and listen to their precious requests as he had done for so many years. No more Santa in the red suit — just the plumber in blue jeans.
At the reception, he stood all alone. I did manage to engage him in some small talk. “Yes, it was a beautiful wedding.” I looked him in the eye. “Will you come to our house for Christmas dinner?” His face flushed. I could see his hands shaking. “We have five sons. May I tell them Santa is coming for Christmas dinner?” I slipped him a note with our address. He stared into space. I turned away unacknowledged.
As I tucked the younger boys in bed on Christmas Eve, I spoke softly. “Maybe we will have a special guest for dinner tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe Santa himself will be here!” I prayed as I laid my head on the pillow. “Please don’t let Santa be alone on Christmas.”
The turkey was browned perfectly. The desserts were arranged on a special table, and everyone was starving. One o’clock and time for dinner. That morning, each of the boys, one by one, had come to ask me. “Mom, did you really invite him?” “Do you think he’s going to come?”

My answer: “I hope so, Son.”
We couldn’t wait any longer. “Time for Christmas dinner!” Everyone gathered around the table. I saw the disappointment in the boys’ faces. But just as the “amen” at the end of the blessing was pronounced, we all heard a car door slam. The boys raced to the back door. I could tell by the amazement on their faces who was coming up the back steps. “Mom, it’s him! It’s him! It’s really Santa Claus — in his everyday clothes, the ones he must wear all year in his workshop!”